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We work with the media to ensure that audiences remain engaged with global issues. We provide our members with regular access to influential journalists and editors so that they can maximise their impact in a rapidly changing media landscape.

Our vision is a world in which the media is a force which enables all people to be active global citizens so that their actions can make a difference.

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We provide our members with regular access to journalists and editors and training to improve their multimedia skills.

Our Impact

Our members report improved access to media decision makers as a result of attending our briefings with journalists and editors. And a better understanding of how to pitch stories has helped to increase media coverage for our members and the issues that concern them.


We have influenced the BBC Charter to include a stronger commitment to global coverage and helped to shape the Channel 4 remit with an obligation to feature information and views from around the world.


Our member organisations report more media coverage of their stories and issues as a direct result of the contacts made with journalists through IBT.


Our members have developed practical skills, across multiple teams, changing how they engage with the media and the impact they have. We provide regular training in social media, photography and shooting and editing with a smartphone.


IBT members use our reports to help them plan their media strategies.

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June 19, 2024

The challenge of reporting neglected crises

Our next panel debate will explore how the media is covering some of the world’s neglected humanitarian crises – Somalia, Sudan, Myanmar, Haiti and many more. How do editors decide which global stories to cover? What are the practical challenges of covering stories in places where security is a major challenge? How can international NGOs be most effective in working with the media to cover these important stories? Does more aid flow as a result of media coverage? Are there alternative ways to cover these stories to give those most affected a bigger voice?

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"IBT is an amazing network that not only offers great insight on the media world and how best to work with journalists but also very helpful media and comms advice as well as training."

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